Meeting Places

Looking for a place to setup for your next big event? Find a location in Brownfield, Texas with several public locations and quality hotels.

City of Brownfield

The City of Brownfield offers the following places for public use. A cash deposit is required, no other forms of payment accepted. Contact the City of Brownfield at (806) 637-4547.

Party House in Terry County Park
Capacity 100|Chairs 100 |Tables 24

Amphitheater in Terry County Park
East and West side available
Capacity 75 per side|Chairs 90 per side|Tables 15 per side

Alamo Events Center
Contact Scott Jackson (806) 637-2564 to use for community activities such as softball signups.
Terry County

Contact Geronimo M. Gonzales in the County Judge's Office at (806) 637-6421 for more information regarding the reservation of these facilities.

Enoch Stewart/Terry County Party House
9, 6ft. Plastic Tables & 42 Metal Chairs
$100.00 Deposit & $100.00 Rent

Terry County Livestock Barn
1609 E N Hwy 137, Brownfield, TX 79316
8, 6ft Plastic Tables, 16, 8ft.Plastic Tables, 12 8ft. Wooden Tables. 130 Metal Chairs and 100 Plastic Chairs
$400.00 Deposit, $400.00 Rent & $400.00 Security Fee

American Legion Hall
1021 S 8th, Brownfield, TX 79316
23, 6ft. Plastic Tables & 200 Plastic Chairs
$200.00 Deposit, $700.00 Rent & $200.00 Security Fee

The Veterans of Foreign Wars or VFW is also available, for information contact Post Commander Charles Clark.

Brownfield Chamber and Visitor Center | 211 Lubbock Rd, Brownfield, TX 79316 | Phone: (806) 637-2564, Fax: (806) 637-2565